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Unconventional; an independent online concept store supporting and showcasing pioneers in contemporary fashion. Founded in 2010 by Sean Ward with a vision to juxtapose artisan craftsmanship with avant-garde design through careful brand selection.  


Offering a virtual space to house collaborative collections from the best emerging talent Unconventional is an antipode to commercial fashion infusing new life into the existing online platform. Functioning as a playground for individuals to develop their personal style Unconventional strives to create a dialogue to engage customers in our journey whilst offering a personal one to one service.


With an insatiable appetite for fresh perspectives Unconventional is constantly looking for the next group of discerning talent to build on their dynasty of labels. As a result the online showroom is constantly evolving and growing as new designers, who are breaking the mould, choose to join Unconventional.


Unconventional - Freedom from conformity