CCWDMOSS - Avant-garde shoemaker


Introducing CCWDMOSS; Artisanal handcrafted leather objects made to order in Ryazan, Russia by Andrey Moss.

Concept: Decadence of a second skin. The leather objects by Andrey Moss are devoted to deciphering the form of human ideology, which is enclosed in an image of a dead body. It is a dialogue between man and his body. This is an anatomical approach to the creation of clothing, as a creative way to implement an idea, the approach of an industrial designer focusing on single tailored pieces, fabric analysis and how texture relates to form.

Shoes: Each pair uses carefully selected leather made in Russia and Italy. Each pair of shoes is made and painted by hand, using an unconventional method of assembling the shoes, giving absolute uniqueness to the form and lack of precision of the size of each single shoe, due to the particular manufacturing process. Distinctive craft production and special materials: the ideal features for someone who looks for luxury clothing items with a slightly dark style and futuristic lines.

Interview: We delve deeper into the mind of Andrey Moss to distinguish what inspires his creative process that sets this avant garde designer apart from his peers.


CCWDMOSS - Hand sewn leather boots


CCWDMOSS - Hand sewn leather boots


Heritage. Andrey, were you a curious person during your youth?

I was too curious. And at that time I have built the cyclic studying of the world surrounding me. Passing from one country to another, I have studied the history and culture of the ancient East and Asia. I was absolutely not satisfied with the school curriculum, so I had to acquire knowledge independently. I was not a very good student at school, so I had a lot of time to do what I wanted. But unlike their peers, I was interested in art, and instead of the Russian literature put to me, I studied books on philosophy. As a result, French materialism and German nihilism formed my way of thinking.

Imprint. How did you develop your initial urge to create?

It is interesting that only knowledge did not interest me. It was important for me to recreate the subject of study, for example, a kimono or a suit of Ivan the Terrible from Eisenstein's film. I do not know how, but the passion for the subject was and remains a very strong feeling. Perhaps it was because of my upbringing, but I always understood that a thing should be respected and appreciated by what others have done, regardless of whether you like something or not. And since in my childhood I did not have many subjects, I had to do everything necessary for my research. 

Emboss. Fast forward the years and CCWDMOSS was born. What does it mean to you?

This process of the birth lasted several years. And here the word "birth" really comes up, because I literally separated my work into a separate person, which I called a creative collaborator with devil. Now this title has been preserved in the form of an abbreviation of CCWD, in order to remove excess theatrical gloom.


CCWDMOSS - Hand sewn leather boots


CCWDMOSS - Hand sewn leather boots


Pinpoint. Your work is also about a calm connection to the leathers you use. What shapes the surface study of your work?

I can not say exactly how I stayed on the shoes, although I still create a set of clothes for each pair of shoes, created according to sketches, which I create all the time. But the body, hidden under clothes, interests me now much more. The female body is the subject of my study and inspiration. And especially the process of withering this body, to which my work is devoted now. Now I'm interested in science, not culture. Therefore, my studies are now taking place in hospitals and morgues. I look at the woman's body and mentally select shoes for him. Because there is nothing more exciting than a naked woman in high-heeled boots. But this is not about necrophilia of course. I'm talking about the details, about how the skin looks and how it changes with age. I'm not afraid of old age and I use different techniques to disfigure the classical silhouette, and I do not resort to decorating, because the word beauty is absent in my manifesto.

Ryazan. It is your home-town, Could you tell me about your local presence?

I too rarely come into contact with the world around me, so I do not care what is behind the window, because I do not look there.  But, nevertheless, the province is the best place to be closer to yourself.

Politesse. How do you see the discussion on the functionality of contemporary wardrobes?

Now, I'm certainly a supporter of minimalism and functionality. But I do not think that I really care what people wear. Although I'm worried about how many clothes are now, in which people do not need. This kills the quality and value of the object.

Aspire. What is most important to you, in the development of your work?

I must not forget that my work is the source of my income. This leads to a continuous improvement in production techniques.


CCWDMOSS - Hand sewn leather boots


CCWDMOSS - Hand sewn leather boots


Music. While designing and creating. What music do you surround yourself with? 

In the process of creation, rhythm is important for me. When I'm sitting at my work table, Scriabin's or Rachmaninoff's piano sounds are heard behind me. And of course I have to say that my work is impossible without such stunning women as Chelsea Wolfe, Gaga and Zola Jesus.

Underplay. In its solemn purity, what can inspire you to draw a new style?

Problems. Only pain can generate sincere energy.

Emergo. Any new chapter needs new input, what would yours be?

I don't think that I can ask this question to myself now.

Ambition. Next to design, do you find time for other interests and developments?

My creative process is very multifaceted. So, I do not feel uncomfortable with my work, since all my interests and developments are connected with it. I am a person of one profession, it's a pity that at this time such position isn't too popular.


CCWDMOSS - Hand sewn leather boots


CCWDMOSS - Hand sewn leather boots