Fors Nome menswear available at unconventional



We took some time out over the weekend to catch up with emerging Danish Label Fors Nome to uncover what makes the label tick, the people and the inspirations behind their debut collection and an insight into their future.

All pieces seen below are available to buy online at unconventional.

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Fors Nome menswear available at unconventional


As a luxury and emerging label, there is much to leave to the imagination about the designers behind Fors Nome. Tell us a little bit about yourself as well as the others who may help to create each collection?

Fors Nome is a family business to the bones. The company consists of two daughters Maria and Sandra and our lovely and clever mum Lone. 

The three of us makes a great team, covering all the big and important areas that make a good business. Maria is educated and responsible for sales and PR. When Maria sets her mind on something, that will benefit Fors Nome, she will do what it takes to make it happen. Her energy is very much admired from the rest of the team and her way of approaching people, is very laid-back and fresh. 

Sandra has a bachelors in Fashion Design and has worked as a designer, at big danish brand in Copenhagen. She is the one with the crinkled creative mind. Her ideas are sometimes over the top, and difficult for the other two to understand. But the fact that she does not compromise on her design ideas is what makes the Fors Nome universe as special it is. 

Lone has many years of experience in economy and is amazing in building up budgets and forecast schedules - sometimes we think that it is way to much with all the numbers, but we are sure that her thoroughness will benefit Fors Nome on the long road. Besides that she is an expert in solving problems with her clear headed and reasonable mind.   


What influenced you to choose a career in contemporary menswear? 

Sandra: I  worked with menswear before and I often get more inspired from menswear than by women’s wear. I like the causal and comfy feeling you often see in mens fashion. Also I have many styles myself, that are designed for men or unisex, and I often combine those styles with something feminine or otherwise, I just go casual all the way. Maria and mum also saw something unique and special in making the brand unisex, and agreed with me that it was the way to go. 


Can you give us a little insight into what it involves to design contemporary genderless fashion?

The fact that we have chosen to make genderless fashion, doubles up our target group and there for it doubles up the work in choosing fit, shapes, colours, details and it definitely makes the technical constructions and size ranges even harder, than if you only had focus on one gender. But it’s consuming and challenging in a fun way and we love that our brand can approach both sexes. 


What are the main influences of your design process, and what attracted you to this way of design?

Sandra: I always, collect many different pictures that can inspire me – even if I am not in a design process. In that way I have a huge library of pictures I can go through, and I always begin my brainstorming for a new design process, by looking at those pictures. My feeling is that, most brands spend a lot of time by looking at the newest trends made by the big brands with at lot of influence. I of course do the same in a limited way, but by collecting pictures randomly, I do not let myself be too influenced by the trends and instead I listen to my gut feeling. Some times trends unconsciously attracts my mind, without me even noticing it, I therefor consider them as being important to use as inspiration, because I have not forced my mind to use them, because the big brands or other important fashion people ”say so”.

Another main influence is the fabrics in our collections. I get so inspired by sourcing for new and exciting fabrics. I love structures, non typical qualities and I love to combine them with fabrics that last long and have an exclusive texture. It is very important for me, that I have collected many different fabrics, before I even begin my design process and decide on which inspiration/universe to go with. The fabrics choose which way to go and by having many different fabrics in hand, I get very challenged in a fun way. 

By choosing to have my focus on the above, I some how feel free during the whole process and I am always quite confident that, my gut feeling in that way has been followed. 


What are common inspirations for your work? How do you find yourself replenishing your inspiration sources, or do you merely stumble upon them?

As explained above, I can get inspired from everything. My mind is on going when it comes to getting inspired. I do not let myself become limited by anything. If it seems right to use a certain thing as inspiration, I will do it. 


Fors Nome menswear available at unconventional


Originality and authenticity are important factors in an emerging label, How do you stay at the forefront of contemporary fashion?

The mission about Fors Nome is that you never know what to expect from us. Every collection is different, and we do not stick to a certain universe. Meanwhile we always have our main key words in mind – humour, charisma, provocation, and sportiness. 


What emotions do you commonly associate with your work? How do you believe your pieces help to physically represent those emotions?

The emotions I/we see associated with our work are vibes about feeling free, independent, making statements, caring about expressions in fashion, daring, having guts, believing in yourself. These are the emotions we care a lot about in our own personalities. 


What do you believe is the most important characteristic of one of your handcrafted pieces?

Our Bone Jacket is really eye catching because of the non typical fabric we have chosen for this one. I just love this piece. The shape, the zippers and off course the print, makes the style so special and a great signature style for this collection – and even though it may look difficult to wear, it actually is quite comfy with a sweat shirt or leather jacket underneath.  


We are currently living in unfavourable circumstances today, especially for young people. How has the economic crisis influenced you as a young emerging label and your work?

When you start building up a brand from the bottom, you should definitely be aware that making money, is not something that happens from the very beginning. It is a hard job with a lot of working hours and money is something you earn elsewhere combined with the hundreds of hours you spend on your new born baby. 

But the fact that Fors Nome does not have an endless bank account to spend from, has actually benefitted us in a way. We have been very attentive on where and how to spend our money. We know that every penny spent has been well spent in the best way possible and with the best intentions for our brand. 


Fors Nome menswear available at unconventional


What direction do you think you will take your brand next?

It is very difficult to say so, because we are so new and the Fall/Winter Collection is our first collection ever. But we are interested in growing, and continuing making wonderful unisex clothing. It could be fun to expand, and make more accessories for both genders.  


What music have you been listening too while designing your latest collection? 

I have a very broard music taste and I like to listen to almost everything, depending on my current mood – but mostly in this process I have listened to Lana del Rey, The Weeknd, Years and Years, Moby, London Grammar, Banks. 


Who do you feel are the three most influential designers in contemporary leather craft for our generation?

Barbara I Gongini, Rick Owens, Damir Doma 


If the world was at an end,  What would be your last meal?

Something with pasta, meat and LOT'S of cheese…  


What would be your signature dance move?

I love to dance, but I am terrible at it and I believe for sure that it does not look very cool. I jump around a lot, using all my limbs and bones. 


Fors Nome menswear available at unconventional