Interview Climbatize. Experimental menswear from upcoming Italian designer



Climbatize; Launched by progressive Italian designer Vincenzo Iadicicco, offers exclusive menswear pieces handcrafted with artisan craftsmanship and finished with experimental artistic treatments in small limited runs. Born and raised in Italy, Vincenzo studied at the Academy of Fashion in Naples before launching his label in 2014.

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Interview Climbatize. Experimental menswear from upcoming Italian designer


UnconVincenzo, were you a curious person during your youth? Tell us a little bit about yourself as well as any others who may help to create each collection?

VincenzoI was and I am still today a very curious person. When I was little, luckily for me, I worked with my uncle at the art of Neapolitan tailor's shop. This especially fascinated me, the idea of being able to create something from a simple piece of fabric, and this has been for me one of my main influences that have helped me in creating my product.

UnconHow did you develop your initial urge to create?

VincenzoBy simply doing what I was doing. Doing it all the time, in any way I could, but always doing it with the same enthusiasm and determination.

UnconIn it's solemn purity, what can inspire you to draw a new pattern?

VincenzoEverything evolves around the feelings that emanate when creating the mood-board and the fact that every finished item must not only be seen as an object of design but of course must also be practical and wearable.

UnconYour work is also about a calm connection to the fabrics you use and their origins. What shapes the surface study of your work?

VincenzoBeing original and being motivated for this type of job, I believe that motivation is the foundation of all human activity. Without it we would lead a life without any satisfaction.


Interview Climbatize. Experimental menswear from upcoming Italian designer


UnconWhat is most important to you, in the development of your work?

VincenzoWorking in harmony with yourself and never giving up, even if you know you're alone, the drive for wanting to succeed at all costs. "Open your mind".

Uncon: Originality and authenticity are important factors in a highly competitive industry, How do you maintain you stay at the forefront?

Vincenzo: By trying to always create something that gives the feeling of the 'unusual' but at the same time purveying both quality and wearability.

UnconWhat music do you surround yourself with during your creative process?

VincenzoIt's very important for me to listen music when I create. I like to listen very different types of music including Ambient, Trip Hop, IDM, Chillout, Drum and Bass, Trip Hop, Techno and Metal. Ambient music in particular helps me focus better on my work.

UnconThe finishes on your pieces can be considered experimental, what drives you to push the limits of fabrication boundaries and the way they interact with the wearer?

VincenzoI create to communicate something new and unique and to give the opportunity to the individual to wear the garment like a second skin, as a protection that gives them strength.


Interview Climbatize. Experimental menswear from upcoming Italian designer


UnconWhat emotions do you commonly associate with your work? How do you believe your pieces help to physically represent those emotions?

VincenzoI think that in this kind of job every item must be considered the best creation in that precise moment. The finishes on my items are experimental and unique and this is achieved by the love i have for my work and by my current state of mind. Signs of wear, scratches and imperfections on the items are the signs of my personality breaking through the surface to interact with the wearer.

UnconWhen we look at your homeland and its natural habitat do you see a connection to this with your work?

Vincenzo: Yes it is actually divided up into two parts, the first part is the artisan craftsmanship which I learned during my time at my uncle's tailor shop, and the second is the influence of the underground style commonly seen around Italy. 

UnconAny new chapter needs new input, what would yours be?

VincenzoFor me it would be to further study the anatomy of the human body to find the perfect harmony between body and fabric through my patterns.

UnconNext to design, do you find time for other interests and developments?

VincenzoI believe it is very important to not upset the balance of everyday things that effect my work. As in my case to be most creative, I plan my day and observe the world around me and the mechanisms that regulate the functioning of things. I push myself to the limit of my abilities and collect continuous information that I need to express myself during my working days.


Interview Climbatize. Experimental menswear from upcoming Italian designer