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Clashes between nature and industrialisation… harmony is found within contradictions. Close to the organic world, and yet drawn to the elements of industrial concrete and corrosion, Lost & Found is the reflection between a new existence. Innovation and technology thrive, but with the need to reflect constantly on the past, to return to humble beginnings… to things with meaning, with emotion. Lost & Found is the representation of the cycle of life, in it’s loss and discovery, and how we can find ourselves within the chaos.

Industrial and Urban feelings are evolved when fused together with the subtle influence of dark blues and soul. While graphic details and street influence remain at the heart of the collection, a new soulful aspect is given by the early memories of NY’s Harlem, underground blues music scene. Dark and moody shadows... smokey rooms... colours are muted and monochrome. Textures turn to melange and imperfection, always interpreted with natural fibers and washed treatments. Silhouette and strong proportions are fundamental in the collection, emphasised this season by the new Drop Pant, Raw edge Shirting, layered shorts and slim jackets in melange fabrics.

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In April 2014 the label appointed William Lacalmontie to produce a documentary on the life and work of Ria Dunn. The brief was simple, 'Be Invisible'.

William Lacalmontie; is a French photographer born in 1986. This former musician started to become increasingly obsessed by the faces of those who filled his ears with uncompromising (metal, rock and abstract) music over the years. Shortly after graduating from Paris’s prestigious Gobelins School of the Image in 2012, he began to build a gallery of portraits; a visual testimony delivering intensity in a unique, sensitive and honest way while simultaneously breaking apart from the clichés inherent to the genre.

At the same time, he also began to shoot music videos and celebrity portraits keeping a photographic, slow paced, grainy black and white approach, favouring visual tricks instead of VFX, from short album trailers to a dark 28 minute abstract story used for live projection.

“Lost & Found Ria Dunn” is his very first documentary and longest video project to date; written, shot and edited alone over 8 months in 2015. The result is a 40 minutes black and white true portrait, suspended in time by ambient music and voice over, about the life and work in Italy and France of this quite unique fashion designer: Ria Dunn.

Mantra : “If they don’t see the happiness in the picture, at least they'll see the black” - Chris Marker