Interview Mille900quindici. Conceptual designer menswear



Mille900quindici born in Tuscany in 2013 with the aim to design and experiment with visual experiences, tying together the Tuscan manufacturing tradition of innovation ideas and different cultures and arts. The collections are the result of inspiration collected over the years from the contamination of arts and culture; architecture, design, visual arts and music on a daily basis affect the ethics of the project, giving it a decidedly avant-garde character. We caught up with the team behind this emerging label to discover a little more about their design processes.

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The capsule collection will be available this Fall.


Interview Mille900quindici. Conceptual designer menswear


UnconGian, were you a curious person during your youth? Tell us a little bit about yourself as well as any others who may help to create each collection?

Mille900quindiciI was always very curious during my youth, every particular element and new experience attracted my full attention. Now with my team we are always looking for new ideas to differentiate and elevate brands.

UnconHow did you develop your initial urge to create?

Mille900quindiciMe and my family have a company that has produced clothing for more than 30 years. Since childhood I always spent my days there, thus developing my creativity with everything I could find.

UnconIn it's solemn purity, what can inspire you to draw / create a new pattern?

Mille900quindiciExactly that purity. Any time, place, movie, music is a symptom of inspiration. every collection starts from a starting point of daily life.

UnconYour work is also about a calm connection to the fabrics you use and their origins. What shapes the surface study of your work?

Mille900quindiciThe choice of fabrics is made after careful research, viewing samples and fairs. Obviously they are chosen depending on the season, trying to make the product more comfortable.


Interview Mille900quindici. Conceptual designer menswear

Interview Mille900quindici. Conceptual designer menswear


UnconWhat is most important to you, in the development of your work?

Mille900quindiciThe 'idea' and the constant desire to discover.

Uncon: Originality and authenticity are important factors in a highly competitive industry, How do you maintain you stay at the forefront?

Mille900quindiciBy staying updated on everything!

UnconWhat music do you surround yourself with during your creative process?

Mille900quindiciMusic is part of my day. I love listening to music from my own country Italy, but any sound is synonymous of energy!

UnconThe finishes on your pieces can be considered experimental, what drives you to push the limits of fabrication boundaries and the way they interact with the wearer?

Mille900quindiciThe finishes and details, these are particularly important to us as each unique detail makes it more comfortable for the wearer.


Interview Mille900quindici. Conceptual designer menswear


Interview Mille900quindici. Conceptual designer menswear


UnconWhat emotions do you commonly associate with your work? How do you believe your pieces help to physically represent those emotions?

Mille900quindiciAlchemy. The chemistry between the product and the person, between comfort and uniqueness. The emotions though subjective, must stem from alchemy at first glance!

UnconWhen we look at your homeland and its natural habitat, do you see a connection to this with your work?

Mille900quindici: The connection is to produce only in Italy and source all fabrics and hardware locally.

UnconAny new chapter needs new input, what would yours be?

Mille900quindiciWe await new inputs.

UnconNext to design, do you find time for other interests and developments?

Mille900quindiciOrganizing! Time is limited, but I try to always find it for my family, girlfriend, sports, friends!!


Interview Mille900quindici. Conceptual designer menswear


Interview Mille900quindici. Conceptual designer menswear