{ PILLARS } Binaural ver.

{ PILLARS } Binaural ver.

Listen to { PILLARS } Binaural ver. by Paul Jebanasam


{ PILLARS } Binaural ver. by Paul Jebanasam

New Release; Niløs presents the audio-visual component of { PILLARS }, the Fall-Winter 2016-17 collection featuring a collaboration between composer and sound artist Paul Jebanasam and visual artist Tarik Barri.

The project is comprised of a 6 minute audio-visual work and an extended electroacoustic composition created for a quadraphonic speaker installation. The physical item is a custom designed USB storage device and modern dog-tag, created by metal craft brand CLAUSTRUM.

Available exclusively on Bandcamp, is the 3D binaural stereo version of the piece available as a digital download. Using the visual theme of the collection as a starting point, Jebanasam and Barri have created a stunning new piece of art which further extends their ongoing series of works which explore the relationships between light and sound.

{ PILLARS } fuses these two mediums together into a vibrant material that glows with an intense singular energy. The multichannel audio composition offers a companion to the audio-visual piece giving Jebanasam the space to explore deeper into the sonic morphologies of his most recent critically acclaimed album, Continuum for Subtext Recordings.

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Listen to { PILLARS } Binaural ver. by Paul Jebanasam


_ C R E D I T S _

released September 7, 2016 

sound / Paul Jebanasam 

visual programing / Tarik Barri 


cover design / kamikene