SAL ET CORIUM leather project from Hvnter Gvtherer



One of our resident labels HVNTER GVTHERER  has embarked on a new project for 2016, setting aside her usual tools for creating experimental jewellery pieces Laura turns her already impressive skill set to leather craft, giving birth to her latest project, a Leather Art Object Collection SAL ET CORIUM (Salt and Leather).

SAL ET CORIUM explores the shifting qualities of power and presence through a series of sculptural adornments created from pre-worn black leather garments. Inspired by pre-iron age armour and contemporary leather culture, the accessories designer proposes a new approach to creative ritual and self-realisation through the spirit of DIY music and fashion. Each piece in the collection only becomes fully realised when worn; taking on its true shape when united with its ultimate muse.

The second presentation of SAL ET CORIUM focuses on THE PROCESS via a full length video by Chris Hefner scored with the anxiety - inducing rhythms of musician Seth Sher. Unreleased footage documents designer Laura Prieto-Velasco working directly with creative collaborator / muse Heather Gabel as the collection emerges and slowly comes into being.

"Maker and muse communicate as hands and body syncopate.

Hides within hides find life on new skin."

This project will be available on unconventional soon.



- C R E D I T S -

Video: Chris Hefner

Model / Creative Collaborator: Heather Gabel and

Score: Seth Sher and

Scent: LVNEA

The video premiered on Friday February 5, 2016 in tandem with a DIY Fashion show at Open House Contemporary Gallery in Chicago, IL.