{ Søil }

{ Søil }

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“ Ø ” in NILøS signifies the only originality; the most pure individual intention, a state where all thoughts and doctrines are nullified. No-ism, no-ideology. The natural individual. Respect symbolised by “ Ø “ 

Following on from our post a few days ago about the launch of NILøS' music label and the release of 

Yu Asaeda (a.k.a. Ena) has released 'Søil' in collaboration with NILøS 002nd Collection { Trøll }. Ena known for his releases on 7even Recordings, Samurai Horo and Hidden Hawaii, and for a sound that incorporates elements of drum and bass, hip-hop and rave unleashes a deeper earthy and abstract sound.

The collection draws inspiration from Icelandic Folklore of a Troll, handed down from generation to generation telling tales of a desolated land, a relentless and extensive nature created landscape, and the existence of the Guardian symbol of Soil.

'SøIL / ENA' released by Berlin based experimental label [ SAMURAI HORO ]. For the first release, [ ENA ] has created a piece incorporating the world of [ NILøS ] through sound. This concept album style piece is one track, extending over 40mins. Rather than structuring small details, the album is an atmospheric, mono tone space, created through mixing and layering of sound. On the top of this industrial sound, [ ENA ] has inserted elements of colour, creating a  piece with a dramatic variation of sounds.