CHÖRDS; 4122561

Chörds; 4122561 - An artisanal Japanese brand. Designing, patterning, processing each individual piece, all handcrafted by designer YUUTA himself. The name is derived from the ethos of overlapping various unique processes, such as chords in which multiple sounds overlap. After studying the art of shoe making in 2013 Yuuta felt the charm and potential of leather craft, and started creating bags and accessories in earnest through self-education.

Each piece is individually hand sewn ensuring they are finished with a finesse that machines are unable to re-create. Meticulously selected leathers are chosen to highlight the scars and grain championing and celebrating a life once lived. Oils, waxes and earth tone dyes are used to further enhance these characteristics, while rusted hardware compliments the aesthetic, ensuring each product is truly one of a kind.


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