The genesis of Omitir started with two aligned visions, to bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetics. To echo their sentiments, leather provides the ideal material for its versatility and enduring quality, fulfilling our narrative through the sense of touch.

Apart from the consummate selection of their leathers and accessories, the usage of ubiquitous colour ways from each seasonal collection present a story in their own right, chronicling their individual journeys, weaving its presence into their owner's history.

Each piece begins with an idea, various inspirations considered. The designs and their subsequent revisions are then distilled into the simplest of forms. The ideal piece is purposeful and appealing, while maintaining practicality. The materials are sourced and selected from around the world, with an experimental approach towards the leathers; be it the variety of leathers or the treatment process. Production is done in house by a small team of artisans, and the finishing patinas individually washed, imbuing each bag with a unique character.


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