The crafting of leather objects is an underrated artistry, one that designer, Anton Edelshtein, of OMTURA, employs seamlessly to blur the space between body and accessory, turning bags into true extensions of people. Using inspirations from varying sources, particularly the spiritual source of shamanism and more contemporary sources of urbanism and futurism, Edelshtein has found himself with a characteristic style of industrialistic minimalism that focuses intently on the craftsmanship of each individual piece.

Intent on creating pieces that re-characterise accessories and how they are perceived as secondary to clothing, Edelshtein uses fine leathers and metalwork to construct bags of unparalleled dimensions, rendered complete with complex ornamentations. With a strong focus on the finer details, Edelshtein ensures that every bag finds itself maintaining a crisp silhouette, a glossy shine, and the tasteful impenetrability of armour.


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