30HA #VI


Miles Hall for unconventional offers an exclusive collection of ten original art works. Each piece has been produced with Graphite pigment, linseed oil and beeswax on a prepared dibond panel. An aluminium structure has been placed on the back for easy installation.

- Title - зона #VI - 2017
- Measurements - 50x40x2.5cm 
- Graphite pigment
- Linseed oil
- Beeswax
- Prepared dibond panel
- Aluminium structure for installation
- Original art work

Each piece of this exclusive collection will be shipped directly from the artist.

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The recent works of Miles Hall are characterised by a feeling of nocturnal mystery – of spaces that are at once visually tangible but forever falling back in to the chaos from where they emerged. Inspired by Tarkovski’s 1979 film ‘Stalker’, Hall presents us with a ‘zone’ (зона) - a landscape situated somewhere in between an archaeology of industrial ruin and the forces of the natural world. Working with a darkened monochromatic palette these images propose a new vision of wilderness, where calm and drama coincide – a contemporary no mans land.

While the artist presents us with a modern vision of the world, his working method is a celebration and affirmation of traditional and artisanal process. Making his own paint out of a mix of graphite pigment, linseed oil and bees wax, the artist effectively combines elements from the mineral, vegetable and animal worlds. The physical nature of materials and their unique properties lies at the heart of Hall’s practice. In creating these works the artist uses a range of non-traditional tools – such as rusted nails recuperated from abandoned railway yards, cooking spatulas and abused and broken paintbrushes with sharpened ends. The artist’s hands are likewise present in the paintings – where the artist has dragged his fingers through the wet surface to evoke the form of vines and vegetation. These are images that emerge out of an engaged physical activity.

At the end of the painting process Hall re-frames his images by incorporating a black horizontal band at the bottom. While erasing part of the existing image, this band is used to suggest the presence of an ambiguous architectural reference - the edge of a cinema screen, a darkened window, the edge of a lonely highway? Whatever the interpretation, these are liminal spaces caught between the mysteries of appearance and disappearance…

Born in Canberra, Australia in 1974, Miles currently lives and works in Montpellier France where he teaches at l’Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Montpellier. The artist has had numerous international exhibitions and has work in a number of significant collections and galleries across the world. Hall is currently represented in France by Galerie AL/MA, and in Australia by Nicholas Thompson Gallery and Jan Manton Gallery, (Australia). This is the first occasion Miles has had to collaborate with Unconventional and is delighted by the opportunity to have his work appreciated by avant-garde enthusiasts.

- Painting size - 50cm X 40cm X 2.5cm

- Please Handle With Care

This piece is 'handmade to order' and ships direct from France. Please allow up to 7 days 'shipping' time during busy periods.

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Miles Hall 30HA #VI monochrome paintingMiles Hall 30HA #VI monochrome paintingMiles Hall 30HA #VI monochrome painting




30HA #VI




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