A S H   H O L D E N

Ash Holden is an independent, British, avant-garde, artisan, atelier, born in the heart of Sussex, England. The label was established in 2018 to explore their artistic vision that blends modern escapism with inspiration drawn from the people and stories of old England.

Ash Holden seeks to evoke a dream like state filled with melancholy, romance and conviction. The label designs as an artist paints, creating permanent snap shots of a moment in imagination.

Their collection grows organically over time, and no idea is truly scrapped, just left in their minds until it’s ready. As a result Ash Holden is an ever evolving concept that takes you from the dark, worn, cobbled lanes, to the wide open and knotted water ways of the country, before traversing wildly in the hunt to take on new forms.

Each garment, accessory and art work is hand crafted and hand embellished in the studio, by the creative, talented team. Combining traditional British craftsmanship and fine tailoring with experimental new designs, the studio selects only natural fabrics sourced from within the United Kingdom. Through their combination of artistic design, traditional techniques, and boldly embracing experimentation, Ash Holden is able to offer a range of womenswear and accessories found nowhere else.


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