From Barbara I Gongini´s creative well, an echo from the Northern Hemisphere has sprung. A new line evolves from the nourished grounds, carrying the name _ norðan. The foundation of norðan is aligned with the imaginary journey to the north and is therefore based around basalt rocks, mist, soil, seawater, moss, rust and driftwood, which is washed ashore. The choice of materials is a reflection of the sent of the north. A tactile exposure of a variety of surfaces. The line is broken down to the essentials, where absence of noise is crucial, thus rich on subtle details. The brand contains a silent reflection of the BARBARA I GONGINI DNA. The product features a contemporary timeless look, which contains trend elements as well as touching terms like street, sport, rock and tailoring. In solemn harmony with the natural surrounding. Barbara I Gongini's story continues.


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