Ordo ad chao // the antonym of anarchy

A hybrid of sleek utilitarian survivalism and luxe naturalistic design deriving from concepts based on the duality of human instinct and desire.

The philosophy lies in the constant fusing of traditional techniques and technological advances in manufacturing and design. The end product transforms into an intimate, intricate and intellectual experience wrapped in sustainable textiles, 3d printed trims, and hidden secrets.

Venia seeks to reform the understanding of clothing and the purpose of design within each collection. Each venia piece pursues the subspace between art, culture, design, technology, and nature. Research & development starts at the top of the supply chain as the team travels globally to source ethical textiles and research solutions in manufacturing.

Innovations in material science and functional design compliments the organic nature of the clothing and the commitment of the brand. For, at venia, the future is created by truly understanding the past to build the fundamentals for the future.

The venia creed is based on the fundamentals of grace and intuition exploring clothing that seeks to share stories and spark conversations.


Venia is a meticulously curated concept brand available at unconventional

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6 Item(s)